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Safety & UQ Space

Rockets are complex systems consisting of thousands of components, most of which can be dangerous if handled incorrectly.

Our No.1 priority is keeping thing safe.


UQ Space is dedicated to safety on an organizational and practical level to ensure the wellbeing of our members and uphold the reputation of the organization. Our approach to safety involves a top-down and bottom-up approach which allows us to identify and rectify risks within our activities and projects that may have been undetected by other methods. This involves the use of fault tree analyses, fault mode effects analyses, risk assessments, standard operating procedures and competency learning modules.


Each member of UQ Space undergoes theoretical and practical training and inductions on machinery, materials and general workshop and field trip OH&S. Regardless of prior knowledge, background or position in the team, we believe a general level of competency around our projects to be a standard that should be maintained. Further training and practice is always available to those that are interested in safety engineering or engineering risk management.


We recognize that a high level of safety cannot be achieved using administrative controls alone and have a dedicated safety team which works with the sub-teams to provide independent safety advice and maintain safety standards in how the team conducts its activities. 

To ensure competency we regularly liaise with the University of Queensland and the Australian Model Rocketry Society (AMRS) to learn more about how our safety can be improved and how future safety challenges can be resolved. It is our goal to guarantee activities are performed to industry standards, without accidents and near misses to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

If you have any questions, concerns or advice, feel free to email safety@uqspace.com.au!