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The University of Queensland's Rocket Team
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Join Us

What is UQ Space?


UQ Space is a student society that aims to provide all its members with hands-on experience in rocketry, aerospace and interdisciplinary engineering.  We design, manufacture and launch high-powered rockets, scientific payloads and all associated space technology, and represent the University at an international level. We have competed in both categories at the inaugural Australian Universities Rocket Competition (AURC) in 2019, launching Project Athena and Project Minerva to 10081ft and 30800ft respectively. It’s hard work – but we have a great time doing it, and can now call ourselves the No.1 in Australia & New Zealand!

Who can join?


UQ Space is always looking for enthusiastic, hard-working and committed people to join us in any of our sub-teams or business ventures. We need members for various roles from payload engineers to marketing and business management, and are open to current UQ undergraduate or graduate students (including Masters or PhD students).


If you study at UQ in any degree you are encouraged to apply!

What can I do?


Officially we are segmented into 6 teams, their activities include but are not limited to:


  • Avionics: implementation and design of avionics, flight data recording and power systems. Routinely working with commercial flight computers and electronics whilst developing our own flight hardware.
  • Payload: works on developing appropriate and useful payloads for each rocket. We endeavour to design payloads that provide scientific merit and combine both mechanical, electrical and software disciplines as well as the sciences.
  • Propulsion: involves selection, testing and implementation of rocket motors. Currently the team is limited to solid propellant due to competition restrictions, but they have started to investigate other propulsion systems on a research basis.
  • Recovery: provides the dual-event recovery system for the rockets (drogue and main parachute) and ensuring it deploys correctly and when expected. Includes parachute and explosives selection, as well as hands-on manufacturing of the custom system components.
  • Structures: concerns the design and building of the rocket’s body, analysing aerodynamics and internal structure and heavily involves CAD, machining and working with composites.
  • Marketing: Involves creation and dispersal of promotional material, and managing appropriate social media channels, event organisation, sponsorships and student-society relations.
What is the joining process?


Unlike most UQ societies, we do have a semi-formal application process requiring the submission of a cover letter and resume, and later a face-to-face interview. Commitment is the main factor here, everyone is welcome to apply, and our team members range from 1st year to PHD, we would just like to know who we can count on during crush time. If successful, you will be allocated to a team, and can get started right away.



To apply during the semester please email  re: [Application] with the following:

  • Name
  • Contact details (including student ID)
  • Study area
  • Brief motivation, in a format you deem suitable.
  • Add anything that you think will support your application!


Before applying please ensure you have read the FAQ page.

If you have any further questions about the application process, please contact us at


We look forward to receiving your application!