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The University of Queensland's Rocket Team
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UQ Space (UQS) is the No.1 student rocketry organisation in Australia, based at The University of Queensland.

As the first university team of its kind in Queensland, UQ Space creates an opportunity for aspiring engineers and scientists to directly apply knowledge obtained during their studies and experience first-hand designing, building and launching rockets and associated technologies. By going beyond what is taught in a classroom setting, we bridge the gap between university and industry through outreach, research, practical experience and collaboration.

With almost 90 ambitious students across all disciplines from aerospace and chemical engineering to science and business, we are a diverse team that strives for inclusivity, engagement and innovation.

UQ Space consists of five engineering subsections specialising in; avionics, payload, recovery, propulsion and aerostructures, in addition to the board and administrationmarketing and logistics teams. Each team is responsible for a fundamental component of our projects and successful operation.

With the assistance of our academic and industry advisors and sponsors, we create a challenging and innovative environment, preparing students for the growing aerospace industry in Australia.

UQ Space has represented The University of Queensland at:

Australian Universities Rocket Competition (AURC) – Queensland, Australia – 2019

– 1st Place Overall Project Athena I
1st Place 10000ft. – Project Athena I
4th Place 30000ft. – Project Minerva I 

UQ Space will represent The University of Queensland at:

Australian Universities Rocket Competition (AURC) – Queensland, Australia – 2020

Spaceport America Cup (SAC) – New Mexico, USA – 2020

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Current Projects

Project Asteria


Project Artemis


Project Hephaestus


Project Vulcan



Completed Projects

Project Athena I


Project Minerva I 



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Research Projects



Stage 2


From Idea to Lift-off!

The story of UQ Space starts over the summer of 2017/2018 when a small group of engineering students got together and started designing a rocket project. The team hoped to create an environment where university students could practically apply the skills they were taught by academics, and although the UQV and Racing groups already existed, there was no real application for those interested in the space industry.

We originally planned to compete in the Spaceport America Cup, however, around the start of the semester the Australian Youth Aerospace Association (AYAA) announced the Australian Universities Rocket Competition (AURC). Amazing news for us, because what better timing could there be for our new project! By the end of March, we had 18 people working on two projects, and by the end of April, we had over 30,000 words on paper.

With help from the UQ Idea Hub we worked through a business plan, budgets and proposals and eventually had a pitch scheduled with all the decision makers in the faculty. At that point our goals had become a lot more ambitious, we wanted to do well in the competition, prepare ourselves of the upcoming aerospace industry in Australia, and eventually become a major player in the student aerospace scene alongside teams like DARE and the MIT Rocket team.  Above all we wanted to make a difference as there is so much potential in this industry.

It’s about more than just building one rocket or competing in one competition, we are here to stay!

That pitch was the official start of UQ Space, and the rest is history. We have now achieved 1st place overall at the AURC in April 2019 and are working towards many new exciting projects!